I have been really impressed to see how Nelly Matova has set up her music studio. The studio is clearly very professionally run, and Nelly is a dedicated professional musician who genuinely tries to bring out the best in each of her students, whether adults or children. Give her a try -- you will not be disappointed.

John Wagstaff, Head of Music & Performing Arts Library, University of Illinois

"Dedicated professional musician."
"Serious work." 
My daughter is seven years old and loves to come to study with Dr. M. They play music games at the beginning of the lesson and then do the serious work.

- Nikki, parent

Are you a satisfied customer?

"I have learned a lot." 

"Dedicated teaching." 

" It's been a great experience taking lessons from Dr. Matova over the past 9 months. She has always told me from general things to fine details so I could easily put what I learned into practice. Lessons here have always been a great time - not only to acquire further piano skills, but also to have fun playing beautiful pieces. I really appreciate her dedicated teaching.

- Kiyoshi Oka, student

"I am a second year student of Dr. Matova. With her, time goes fast. She selects interesting and difficult music. She is demanding but I have learned a lot."

- Vania Silva, Chicago IL

"She was very encouraging and supportive." 

"I learned so much from Dr. Nelly Matova. Her scholarship and experience with music is phenomenal! And yet, she was so patient with my very beginner status and let me work at my own pace. I've always wanted to learn more about music theory and she was very encouraging and supportive. Thank you, Dr. Nelly!" 

- Christine Mayer, student

"Knowledgeable in music." 

"Working with Nelly has taken my piano skills LEVELS up. She is very knowledgeable in music beyond just the piano and that comes through in her teaching. Thank you!


- Yosef Peysin, student

Initially, I began playing piano only to learn a few chords and be able to play for myself. However, I became interested to learn some piano music and now I am serious about my lesson every week. It is my time for myself only.

- Bob, student

"My time only."

"Fun, inspirational and challenging." 

"As an adult student who hadn't taken piano since I was a young child, I found working with Nelly fun, inspirational and challenging. She was very supportive and chose music appropriate for an adult, yet easy enough for a beginner. I have taken lessons for almost 3 years and have learned a lot about music theory and technique during that time. I still have a long way to go and I know what Dr. Matova will help me get there.

- Joyce DeBoer, student

My daughter Vivian has been taking lessons from Ms. Nelly for two and a half years, beginning when she was six years old.  Ms. Nelly is both a serious teacher and great with children.  She has helped my daughter develop a skill and appreciation for music that I believe she will have for her entire life.

 I would definitely recommend her.


- Jennifer, mother 


"Both a serious teacher and great with children."

As a 31 year old beginner, I can say she is the best choice. Her class was full of fun and adventures. She is very patient and supportive and I really recommend her to all my adult friends who want to color up their lives with the sound of music.


- Mehrasa Arian, Student


"Full of fun and adventures."

"It was my childhood dream to play piano."​

I was taking lessons from Nelly for 5 years. I was in my late 30's when I started, with no previous experience. It was my childhood dream to play piano but I wasn't sure I had enough musicality for it. From the very beginning, Nelly made me feel very comfortable and confident. I have really learned a lot during these years!


- Vania - Chicago IL, student