About Dr. Nelly

Welcome! My name is Nelly Matova, but the students call me Dr. Nelly. I started studying music when I was seven years old and since then, I haven't stopped learning about music. After years of daily practice, performances, and education
(I hold a Master of Music and a Doctor of Musical Arts Degrees,) I have lots of information to share with you.      

I teach beginners to advanced students of all ages, and perform regularly as a soloist, choir conductor, accompanist, and singer.

I will guide you, lead you and inspire you to find an unexpected side of you. My goal is not only to teach you how to play and understand music, but to learn how to enjoy playing music when on your own.

Most importantly, I will inspire you to become a passionate music lover and music advocate for life!


You can see me in my new studio: 


206 N. Randolph St, 

Suite 2 (Lower level)

Champaign, IL


Urbana-Champaign metro area, IL

Are you a busy professional who has no time to come to the studio? No problem.
A lesson in your home is another option you have (additional charges apply).



  • 40 minutes - children
  • 50 minutes - adults and intermediate level children
  • 60 minutes - adults
  • 75 minutes - advanced students

Email Dr. Matova for info about current tuition.

**Now accepting new students for the Summer
   and Fall semesters.

Hours of operation:

Monday-Thursday         2PM-9PM

Friday                            2PM-8PM

Saturday                            Closed

Sunday                              Closed

        773-320-3264 / 815-694-6637


School Holidays

Summer vacation:
July 15 - August 15

Winter vacation:
December 23 - January 3

School Year

Fall semester:
August 15 - December 22

Spring semester:
January - June

Summer semester flexible:

July - August : 4+ lessons flexible scheduling


Check, Cash or Zelle

Monthly:  Due date: 20th of each month.

By Semester:  Due date August 20th, December 20th, May 20th

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"If music be the food of love,
                            play on."

                                               - William Shakespeare, Twelfth Night


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