Individual lessons are offered in 30, 40, 45, 50, 60 or 75 min. sessions in three semesters:
  • Fall semester with 18 lessons
  • Spring semester with 22 lessons
  • Summer with minimum of 4 lessons

Purchasing lessons as recommended for a whole semester is cheaper than purchasing single lessons.

To maintain steady progress and build solid skills, students should take all 45 lessons. Skipping lessons interrupts the learning process. Students who regularly skip or reschedule lessons may be required to leave the studio to make way for other students.

Parents of children students are strongly advised to observe all lessons.

All individual piano lessons include: technique, artistry, sight-reading, music theory, studying and performing a variety of musical styles, aural skills, music history, musicianship, learning to listen to music.

Students can select a "personalized" special plan, or follow one of the study plans listed below:

   Piano is Fun: for students  7-8 years old first semester the 30 min. lessons are twice weekly!!
   Piano Adventure: for students 8-9 years old: first month the lessons are twice weekly!!
   Getting Serious: for students 10-15 years old: lessons are 45 min. long
   Music Achievers: for students 15-19 years old and advanced adults students: lessons are 60 min. long
   Passion is Back: for adults with previous experience in piano
   Piano 101 High-Speed: for adults just starting
   Group Piano: for students all ages (bring a friend and learn together)

   Theory Fun: Entertaining computer music theory games for 15 min. Weekly for all levels. Schedule after your private lesson.

                       Extra fee applies.

   * NEW PLANS *
   Duets for fun times 101: start with a friend (for beginners, open for students 8 years old up to adults, 40 min. lesson)
   Duets for more fun 102: (students must have taken some piano lessons; open for students 8 years old up to adults, 50                                                    min. lesson).


New: Skype lessons now available. 

New: Referrals- When you refer a student who signs-up for at least four lessons, you receive a "Thank You" GIFT CARD
          or a FREE LESSON.

Gift cards for one or two music lessons are available.

Summer Lessons

Available in June and August (usually not in July): take two in a week, two in a month, two together on the same day, or any other way to fit your travel plans. Because of the lower volume of lessons, Summer business days are generally Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. ALL Summer lessons are paid for in one or two installments: before June 1st, and before July 1st.

Group Lessons

Group theory/ear training lessons (2-4 students) are available in 45 min. or 60 min. sessions.
PIANO Combo 3 in1. For students who prefer working in a group with faster pace, but independently. The class is built on three modules. You get the private lesson plus two extras. The class improves theory understanding and helps students to get into practicing. Good for both, adults and children. Class is 60 min. long. Limited to 4 students for each class. Offered on Monday 6 pm and on Saturday at 9:30; 10:30 am, 11:30 am, 1:00pm.

"Summer Piano Express"

An intensive study program of six to eight weeks with 16 lessons; offered in May, June, and August. Enables students to advance very fast. Well suited for beginners (7 years old and up, and adults) or for people who already have some skills. Focus is on proper technique development. 
"Summer Ear-Training crash"
An intensive 3 weeks program of 15 lessons offered in June, August, and September. For students that need quick skills brush up, for students with deficiencies, or for these in need of a fast learning pace. Covers sight-singing, intervals, chords, scales, modes, 1-3 voice dictation and more. 

History of Music

History of music classes are designed for different age groups and level of interest. They could be private or group classes, depends on the demand.

Read the Studio Policies.​ 
Individual Lessons

Lessons are tailored for three groups of students

University students:


  • University students (including music majors and minors) who need to develop supplementary skills or improve piano, music theory/aural

        and score-reading skills.


  • University students who need advice in early stages of their research and thesis writing. 


  • Prospective University music students who need to prepare for entrance diagnostic exams in music theory/aural skills and harmony, need to learn beginner conducting technique, or prepare for entrance piano exam (for undergraduate level or music minor.)


  • University students not music major or music minor who want to take piano lessons (beginner or intermediate/advanced level.)





  •  Children ages 7 years and up interested in piano lessons.





  • Adult students (no age limit) interested in piano lessons beginners or intermediate level, music theory or composition lessons.