Studio Policy

At the studio:

Arrive on time with all required materials and music. Parents are asked to keep communication about their children's advancement brief after the lesson. Each semester parents will receive email info about their children's progress.

Students are expected to practice in the days between the lessons and to come prepared for their next lesson.



Students are responsible to buy all the required materials for the lessons. You can also borrow music materials from the studios
(additional charge applies).

Studio's preferred method books include:



In addition, advanced students use anthologies of piano music or selected piano works by individual composers.
Advanced theory/ear training/sight-reading students use a method book developed by Matova Music Studios.

All books are available for purchase on Amazon or via the studio.
 You will also find them on the SHOP page. 


Your tuition fee reserves a weekly slot of the instructor's time and covers the lesson's length, type (private or group), and location (my home studio or your home). For current tuition plans, please call  773-320-3264, or email playpiano747@gmail.com.

Accepted methods of payment: cash and check.

Tuition update: 

A yearly inflation adjustment according to current market prices in the area is applied on SEPTEMBER 1st 

Tuition payments:

Monthly tuition payments are due by the 20th day of the preceding month. Some months will include five lessons. A minimum of three lessons should be taken in each month in December and January. However, you can pay for as many lessons per month as you like. Students are advised to pay and take 11 months of lessons to guarantee good progress. In case of illness or travel schedule, a make-up lesson can be arranged.

STUDENTS SHOULD TAKE A MINIMUM OF 4 SUMMER LESSONS. Students who skip summer lessons will be required to pay a registration fee.

Registration fee:

The school year registration fee is due on July 20th. This pays for time required for bookkeeping, scheduling, website, email and phone time, planning lessons, set-up and updating of personalized study plans, and assembling of music materials. New students' registration fee is $30.

Returning students have no registration fee if they had any summer lessons. Otherwise, there is $15 fee sign up for them.

Payments schedule:


Payment due on the 20th of each month.


                                    (ATTENTION: schedule your flexible summer lessons now!

                                    Take blocks of two lessons together, two lessons in a week, two lessons every other week,

                                    and any other way to fit your vacation and travel plans)


If you decide to buy less than the recommended package of monthly lessons, they are sold as single lessons at a higher price.

Late fee:

$20 will be added to tuition if not paid on time.

"Summer Express" program must be paid in advance (before the start of the lessons) in full.

Make-up lessons: 

There is NO REFUND for missed lessons. The student should take the make-up lesson during the same month.

One make up per semester only, offered if there is available time during office hours.


Covid/flu/snow days cannot be rescheduled as they are offered online at the regular day/time of lesson.




Discontinuing lessons: 


Students must give two weeks' notice. No tuition refund is issued.






Students and parents communicate by email and phone, or in person during lessons. Letters are also acceptable.




Parental Involvement:


Parental involvement is crucial to students’ success.


Schedule DAILY practice time for your child: the length of the piano lesson is the required minimum (you can divide the time in two daily practice sessions).


Make up any missed practice time.


Supervise home practice sessions to make sure all assignments are completed properly.


Sit in on lessons periodically if not weekly and observe.


Ensure that your child arrives at his/her lesson at the appropriate time - (not too early, not late).


If you arrive too early for lesson don’t come in until is time for your lesson.


Encourage your children to participate in the studio piano concerts.





Be supportive and remember that consistency is the tool for successful learning the piano.